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And sadly, the answer is that the keyboard extension is not support unit test now. The answer comes from Apple: It's not currently supported to run unit tests. Description: Learn how to write unit tests and user interface tests using Xcode's built-in testing framework. Setting up · Creating our first unit test using. Create and run unit tests, performance tests, and UI tests for your Xcode project.

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Xcode Unit Test exercises and evaluates your Swift code, but does not inspect the impact is has on the User Interface. Xcode UI Test evaluates the UI. Unit Testing in Xcode ○ Create a Unit Testing class ○ Write a Unit Testing class ○ Test Asynchronous Operations ○ Faking Objects and Interactions. How do we use it? We'll get to some specific code examples later, but the main idea behind unit testing is that we will describe our interaction with our UI.


Running iOS tests using fastlane. To run your unit tests or UI tests using fastlane, add the following to your Fastfile lane:tests do run_tests(scheme. Sometimes a project requires additional targets for unit testing or deployment. See how to create additional targets in Xcode in this video. A unit test is a function you write that tests something about your app. A good unit test is small. It tests just one thing in isolation. For example, if your.