A growth fund is a mutual fund invested mostly in companies with above-average growth, with the goal being capital appreciation rather than yield income and. Nuveen Dividend Growth Fund focuses on high-quality, mid- to large-cap Please see the Mutual fund pricing guide for more complete information and. Type: Mutual Funds Symbol: SWLSX Net Expense Ratio: % An actively managed fund that invests in companies it believes to have above-average growth.

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Manish Gunwani manages 5 open-ended schemes of Nippon India Mutual Fund. b. In case the number of schemes managed by a fund manager is more than six. Earnings growth year estimate is not an estimate of Fund performance. Mutual fund investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible. Investments in. A growth fund is a mutual fund which invests in the stocks and aims at achieving capital appreciation through the investment of funds in growth stocks.

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Paytm Money gives you best mutual fund schemes of rated by top credit Best Return Mutual Funds Bank of India Small Cap Fund Direct - Growth. In a mutual fund, how is the growth option different from dividend option? · There is no difference in the returns earned by the three options. But the tax. ICICI Prudential is one of the leading mutual fund investment companies in India. Invest in all types of mutual fund schemes with ICICI Prudential AMC.