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In Chicago, paperback books can be recycled straight in the blue cart. For hardback books, the covers need to be removed before the pages can be recycled. After reading your books, you can pass them on to a friend, sell or donate them. Both paperback and hard cover books are made from paper that is in demand by. Books should be placed in the household recycling bin. Large volumes can be taken to most local civic amenity sites. Check the waste services locator on.

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Recycling old books by putting them in book recycling bins is a popular way to recycle books, including textbooks. Often these bins can be found in car parks &. While you can throw your hardcover books in the trash, we recommend that you donate your books. They can be dropped off at your local thrift or used book store. Donate good, usable books to local libraries, schools and community centers. Recycle unwanted residential, school and business books at a paper drop off bin.

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When it does come time to part with your books, you can consider selling or donating them if they are still in good condition. Book stores, thrift stores, and. Disposal options · Give to a friend, donate to charity or sell online. · Visit and drop books at a local street library. · Donate to Lifeline who accepts clean. Donate them to your local library, thrift store, or used bookstore. Or consider donating them to Better World Books, which is a social enterprise that helps.