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"+81" redirects here. For the album by the musical group, see +81 (Deerhoof). Telephone numbers in Japan consist of an area code, an exchange number. Japan Helpline provides access to Japanese/English support, primarily for use in emergencies. Our fully bi-lingual consultants can assist with translations. You can make outgoing international phone calls easily from Japan by including the international code "+" or "" before entering the phone number of the.


Japan Emergency Contact Numbers ; Tokyo Multilingual Call Center, New Service as of (Chinese) (Korean). 24x7, d. (toll free, in Japanese only). Inquiries regarding malfunctions: 24 hours a day. Only from a DOCOMO mobile phone or DOCOMO Smartphone. Telephone numbers starting with are receiver-paid calls under NTT's Free Dial service. For Japan Telecom, the toll-free numbers begin with , but.

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Simply choose the type of number that suits your needs and those of your customers in Japan. That might mean a nationwide toll free or number, or a. New BDO Remit Japan Toll-free Number · Toll-Free No.: · Office No.: (03) · Mobile Nos. (SoftBank): / (If you're. When calling Twilio phone numbers from a Japanese domestic line, the Japanese phone number must be prefixed with zero. In this number format.